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Are you scared of the the dentist?


Does the though to dental treatment make you nervous and fill you  absolute dread?


Have you ever longed for a healthy smile but simply been  too frightened to go and do anything about it?

If you answered yes to any of these questions  then you are not alone. Dental anxiety affects more than  50% of the population at some level. You might just be a little  nervous, or maybe you would classify yourself as plain terrified. Wherever you are on the spectrum of dental anxiety we are here to help you overcome this problem. The team at our practice in Edinburgh have worked with nervous and anxious dental patients for more than  20 years. During this time our dedicated professionals have built up and shared with each other a wealth of experience in helping nervous, anxious and phobic patients to overcome their worst fears. Even if we do not end up as your dental practice we believe that this web site can help you in some way to meet the challenges that fear, anxiety and phobia of the dentist bring.


Ashamed or Worried about what we will think?


"Everyone throughout the practice treats you with respect and compassion and nothing seems to be too much trouble"


Mrs J L



"I am delighted with my I can attend myself and the sleepness nights before my.... appointments have all gone!!! John and Jill are exceptional people"


We understand that the world  is a lonely place when you suffer from dental anxiety or dental phobia. It is not uncommon to think that you are the only person in the world to suffer from your particular condition. Over the years we have met many patients who have put off treatment because they think that  the dentist will administer a telling off  for the condition of their mouth. An even greater number of patients simply believe that we will laugh or find their fears funny. Please be assured that this is not the case. 

"As dedicated professionals we sincerely believe in offering our patients the opportunity to achieve the very best dental health  possible. This means we accept your current situation however you first come to see us without judgement. Your current dental health is simply the starting point of our work together.  From here we progress at your  pace and step by step help you to reduce your anxiety level, or in many cases eliminate your dental fear all together."

Fraser Hendrie BDS MFGDP

John Booth BDS MFGDP


The Craigentinny Nervous Patient Programme


"I can honestly say I have beaten my fear. I didn't realise that dentistry could be so pain free"


Mr K  A



We have have helped more than 1000 patients who classify themselves as anxious, nervous, phobic or terrified in the last 5 years alone. Many patients find us on the web but even more patients come by word of mouth.  Our dentists are often referred to on the  well known self help  web site for anxious of phobic patients  "Dental Fear Central"  They have also been interviewed on the subject of dental anxiety by national newspapers. As a result many patients have heard of  the sympathetic approach of our whole team or the number of ways that we make treatment more comfortable and less stressful than you ever imagined. Over time we decided that for the benefit of anxious patients we needed to  bring all of our experience together  and the  Craigentinny Dedicated Nervous Patient Programme was born. The Nervous Patient Programme is the distillation of all of our learning and can help anyone with dental fear, dental anxiety or dental phobia work their way towards a point where they are able to cope with dental treatment without feeling stressed, sick or unwell.


How To Start The Journey To Dental Health


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We know that you want to do something about your dental fear, otherwise you probably wouldn't have read this far. You might be wondering if the Nervous Patient Programme is for you. You might not even feel ready to think about making an appointment to see a dentist yet. After all the hardest thing to do  is taking the first step. Until now  the smallest step that you could take was  calling a dentist up or making an appointment. We realise that this is a huge leap in its own right and  so we have devised  a simpler, more comfortable  way to get started,  our 7 day  Beat Your Dental Fear e-course.

In it you will learn

  • more about  the causes of your dental fear

  • how to tell your dentist about your real worries

  • how best to prepare for a visit to see a new dentist

  • how to make sure the dentist takes good care of you

  • things you can do when your  fear starts to take over

  • our top 8 tried and tested fear bursting tips

We stopped counting when we discovered that our collective experience in caring for nervous patients was well in excess of  50 years. The 7 day beat your fear course gives you some of our practical down to earth advice that can help you start your journey to dental health.


Lets Get Started

  "I always covered my mouth  or ended up with a crooked grimace when laughing or smiling. Now I can't get the grin off my face"  

Mrs C R



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This web site is provided by Craigentinny Dental Care  a dental practice in Edinburgh. It highlights one service that we offer, specifically our nervous patients programme.  We care for and help dentally anxious or phobic patients throughout Scotland to overcome their dental fears.  Based on the outskirts of Edinburgh we are accessible from all major cities and towns. We are currently treating patients as far apart as  Aberdeen, Ireland and London. To see a map of your location follow the links below.

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